Last night, as I was watching TV, I kept seeing a commercial over and over again about a Spa Expo, this weekend only, in Providence, RI.  I also saw it advertised on Google, as well as, on Facebook.  The ad said something to the effect of over 50 tubs on display, many major manufacturers in attendance, and prices 50% off.  Wow, that sounds like a great deal right?  I carry major manufacturer lines of hot tubs why wasn’t I invited?

What the Spa Expo folks fail to tell you is that it’s only one manufacturer, selling under different product offerings at ‘50% off’.  It’s a scam they pull off every weekend across the country.

Here’s how they work: They assign phony, sky-high MSRP amounts to the tubs and cut the price until you bite.  That spa they claim is normally $20,000, is ‘on sale’ at the expo for $9999 which can actually be bought in a retail environment for $8,000 or so.  To do an event like the one they are doing in Providence takes a huge investment.  You are looking at a bill of $40,000-$50,000 in advertising, $5,000+ for the venue, plus the cost of hiring the slick sales people for the weekend.  They are making close to a 10% commission plus all expenses paid.  You are paying for all those associated costs.

Then you get into the service aspect of things.  These guys go from city to city every weekend dumping as many tubs in a market as they can, and then you won’t see them for another 6 months to a year.  What happens if you have a problem with your hot tub?  Chances are you will be dealing with the manufacturer direct or a independent repair man who will charge astronomical trip fees to get the warranty work done.  Doesn’t sound like such a great deal now does it?

I’ve gone to these shows before to hear their spiel.  This is what you will hear: Our Spas are the only hot tubs that you don’t have to use chemicals in. They will talk about the horsepower size in their hot tubs and how wonderful the company is.  It will be a high pressure, buy now environment.

If this was a true Spa Expo you would see more local companies involved.  None of the local companies do events like this because to make money, you would have to charge astronomical prices on Hot Tubs. Most of the reputable dealers in the area are too ethical to play these games.

Before you make the mistake of purchasing at this expo, please note, we have Nordic Hot Tubs from $3,495 in stock, Caldera Spas in stock from $4,995 and Marquis Spas in stock from $5,995.  All with real prices. All priced to save you money, backed by strong manufacturers, and a local dealer for support after the sale. Whether you buy from Apollo Pools and Spas or one of our competitors, keep your money local.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing you made a wise investment.