Why a hot tub?  Most people that have bought Hot Tubs from us have asked why they didn’t buy one 5 or 10 years ago. They comment: they feel more relaxed, they sleep better, it’s a place of sanctuary, where there are no cell phones or distractions; increased family time, and that their aches and pains have greatly diminished since they have owned one.

With modern technology, Hot Tubs have become more energy efficient, more diverse in offerings, and much more affordable.  We carry three absolutely wonderful Hot Tubs, Caldera Spas, Marquis Spas, and Nordic Hot Tubs. In this next section we will walk you through each line so that you can better understand each brand.

We will start with the Nordic Hot Tub line. They are known for their dual therapy system and provide benefits such as simple relaxation. The dual therapy system is the whirlpool jet combined with the high flow massage jets.  They carry a lifetime warranty on their shell and are generally the most affordable Hot Tub we carry (price ranges from $3500-$7500).  My favorite assets of Nordic Hot Tubs are that they are very simple to work on, fairly inexpensive, and their customer service is great to work with.  They are a smaller company, made in Michigan . At this point, I have met most of the company, from the owner, to some of the guys on the assembly line. They genuinely care about the products they make and strive for excellence. They also have a great reputation for standing behind their product. stella-ms-lifestyle

Next we will go to the Marquis Spas line. They make 4 very distinct lines of tubs with many different features and benefits.  They make the Celebrity Series, the E-Series, the Vector line and the Signature Spa. Being in the Northeast, cold weather is a big concern. The E-Series, Vector, and Signature Spas lines are fully insulated tubs, and can be completely customized for all of your wants and needs. The E-Series Tubs sell between $6,000-$10,000, depending on options and wants.  They are known to be great family tubs with roomy seats and powerful jets. The best thing about these tubs, in my opinion, is if you are on a budget, you can get a great tub for a very good price. This is especially true if you aren’t concerned about fancy lighting, stereos, or chemical treatment packages.  If you do like those options, they can be added to any of these tubs. The vector series is their newest addition. These tubs are like no other tub on the market. Each seat has individual controls to customize your jet pressure. These tubs range in price from $7,000-$11,000, depending on options.  The vector 94 has quickly become our number one seller. This is a giant tub, with all the power you could ask for, at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Check out the video below to learn more about this series of tubs.

The signature tubs are a completely different vessel like no other.  They utilize what they call a “tri-zone valve” for their Hot Zone therapy treatment. The Marquis Signature Tubs have the most powerful jets in any Hot Tub I have ever soaked in. They are designed to work each section of your body in different stations.  By moving from seat to seat in a Signature Tub, there will not be a muscle that is not deeply massaged. These Tubs range in Price from $9,000-$18,000. They come standard with the frog water treatment system, which makes water care simple and easy.  These tubs can also be ordered with the Microsilk option. This has been a very popular choice for people who suffer from skin conditions or are looking for the benefits of skin purification.  Watch the video below to learn more about Microsilk:

Promise Spa

Caldera Spas is the final brand we sell. Whether you choose the Vacanza Series, the Paradise Series or the Utopia Series, you are getting the same construction in every tub. The differences between tubs when you go up in series, is the jetting types, the pump size, the circulation pumps, and the warranties. All the tubs they manufacture are insulated with Fiber Cor, which insulates up to 4x more than traditional foam. All the tubs come standard with the spa frog water treatment system, and all of the tubs come with great lighting features. Caldera is made by Watkins manufacturing, which is the largest spa manufacturer in the world. They have built over 1 million spas! There are too many benefits to list as to why they make the best tub. If you are looking for style, design, and elegance, a Caldera Spa is the spa for you.  They make Spas that range in price from $5500-$19,000, with most falling in the $7,000-$9,000 range.

soak If family time, relaxation, and warm swirling water is what’s important to you, you would most likely want to check out the E-Series, Nordic Hot Tubs or the Vacanza Series tubs. If vigorous massage is you number one priority, we recommend you check out the Vector Series, Signature Spas, or Utopia Series. If style, elegance, design and long warranty are what’s most important to you, check out the Utopia Series, Paradise Series, or Signature Series. By carrying these 3 lines of tubs, we feel that we are your one stop shop for all your hot tub needs! Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Specials are going on now! We are offering amazing finance options and unprecedented savings. Check out our Facebook page for our offer Apollo Pools and Spas facebook offer.