Spa Frog, @Ease, Caldera Spas, Marquis Spas

King-9-16-157055_SMALLWhat is Spa Frog and how does it make water treatment easier for you the consumer?

Spa Frog is a water treatment system built inline into all Caldera Spas and Standard on Marquis Signature series Hot Tubs.  It is also a option on the Vector Series and E-Series Hot Tubs by Marquis.  The Spa Frog system is a 2 part water treatment system using a mineral dispenser and  bromine (chlorine one will be addressed later in this article.)  The system is built directly into your spa plumbing eliminating the need to manually add harsh chemicals such as bromine or chlorine.  spa frog3 The mineral portion of the system lasts 4 months and the bromine part lasts 3-4 weeks.  This system is designed for hot tubs up to 600 gallons of water.  In a typical Hot Tub you want the Bromine level to be between 3-5 parts per million whereas in the frog system the Bromine level stays at a 1 PPM.  This makes the hot tub much less harsh chemically and allows you to have a more pleasant soaking experience.  The minerals also make the water feel silkier and less harsh.  No daily chemical additions are needed.

For those of you who prefer Chlorine as a sanitizer Spa Frog recently introduced the @ease system.  It is very similar to The original Spa Frog system but instead of the Bromine Cartridge you use a @ease Chlorine Cartridge.  It works in the same manner as the Bromine system with the added benefit of shocking once per month instead of weekly.

Here are the directions on Spa Frog use:

  1. Fill your Hot Tub
  2. If water is high in minerals or metals use Serena Spa Stain and Scale
  3. Maintain a ph level of 7.2-7.8
  4. Maintain a Alkalinity level of 80-150
  5. Maintain a Calcium level of 150-250
  6. Add a dose of Spa Frog Jumpstart
  7. Add the Bromine Cartridge/@Ease Cartridge and Mineral Cartridge
  8. Once a week with the Bromine system shock tub or monthly with @Ease
  9. Replace Bromine/@ease Cartridge roughly once per month
  10. Replace Mineral Cartridge every 4 months (typically when you would do a drain and refill)
  11. Enjoy your Hot Tub

spa frog

Any additional questions on the Spa Frog water treatment system feel free to give us a call at 508-923-7381 or by email at