LOOP-LOC Pool & Spa Covers


A typical solid vinyl pool cover is little more than a tarp to put over your pool. It does not prevent children or pets from gaining access to the pool. All safety covers must conform to the Standard Performance Specification set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). According to the ASTM, a safety cover must be able to support a certain amount of weight, not permit gaps that a child or pet could squeeze through, and remove standing water. LOOP-LOC safety pool covers far exceed minimum ASTM standards. Built from extremely strong material and secured tightly to the deck by heavy-duty springs and brass anchors, a LOOP-LOC safety cover puts a “lock” on a pool that will prevent children and pets from gaining access to the water.

Why Purchase a LOOP-LOC Luxury Liner?

As with our famous safety pool covers, LOOP-LOC is committed to supplying you with the finest in-ground swimming pool liner on the market today. Our liners are manufactured using only the highest quality virgin vinyl material in durable 20 and 28 mil thicknesses. Our state-of-the-art computer technology and manufacturing equipment ensures a perfect fit on any pool – from a simple rectangle to the most complex formfit.

Baby-Loc Removable Fencing For Pools & Spas

BABY-LOC® Removable Fencing is a convenient cost-effective way to add an extra layer of protection around your swimming pool whenever your LOOP-LOC cover is removed for the swim season. When it comes to keeping kids safe, there is no substitute for adult supervision. But no parent can be everywhere, every minute! BABY-LOC Removable Fencing is so easy to put up and take down that you’ll want to use it whenever you want an extra measure of protection for your young ones.

Apollo Pools & Spa is also a proud retailer of KAFKO Pool Products!

Kafko™ Pool Products has been the clear leader in the residential vinyl liner swimming pool manufacturing since 1971, earning worldwide brand name recognition for product and service innovations, outstanding customer service, unparalleled quality and marketing programs that are second to none. We have worked hard over the last 38 years to earn our designation as “The Pool Kit Specialist” a designation awarded by our retail dealers and a badge we wear proudly.

For nearly 40 years, Kafko™ Pool Products has set the standard for quality excellence, across North America and around the world. Our meticulous attention to every detail, flexible design specifications, and quality workmanship has earned us a reputation for long lasting beauty and durability and a name consumers recognize.

Kafko™ has over its history developed engineered solutions to many of the challenges that face retail dealers and consumers when designing a pool to meet the esthetic and structural requirements of a particular job. Among Kafko™’s most notable innovations are;

Our patented ‘Snap-Lock®’ Coping – which guarantees that the liner will never fall out of the coping: Ever! Our patented ‘Super-Skim®’ skimmer featuring ‘Water-Lock®’ technology – the only vinyl liner pool skimmer that completely encapsulates the pool wall from the pool water!

Our patented ‘Multi-Flex®’ Polymer Pool System – The Swimming Pool Industries first fully flexible freeform polymer pool system that allows for fully flexible pool size and shape design.

‘True-Fit®’ Vinyl Liners and Safety Covers – you’ll have to install one to understand just how well they fit: but ‘True-Fit®’ is a real time saver!

Kafko™ has developed, refined and improved it’s design and manufacturing process and specifications to tailor fit both New and Replacement Inground Vinyl Pool Liners. Each Pool Liner we manufacture builds in 40 years of experience in developing the swimming pool industries liner with the best fit. Using the measurements supplied by your authorized Kafko™ Dealer or Pro-Builder, Kafko’s Engineering Department applies the True-Fit Formula to design and manufacture a precision form fit liner. Kafko™ Tru Fit Pool Liners are computer designed and manufactured in our own facilities under strict Quality Control Procedures, ensuring an exact fit, the best fit: A Kafko™ True-Fit® Vinyl Liner.

Each Kafko™ True-Fit® Liner combines our unique design and manufacturing process with the best materials available for years of lasting beauty for your pool. We use only 100% Virgin Vinyl infused with algae inhibitors and U.V. Protection. We print the vinyl using the finest U.V. resistant inks available on the market today. Tru-Fit Liners have quality built in, top to bottom and inside and out.

Coverstar and CoverLogix Solid and Mesh Safety Covers are designed to protect the investment you just made and the ones you made it for… your family. Once installed, the safety cover will help prevent accidental intrusions by children, pets and unwanted critters and debris. Your Latham Builder can help you every step of the way, from cover design and material choices to a quality installation.

Latham brands offer mesh covers for maximum drainage and solid covers that block 100% of sunlight in a variety of material weights and colors. All can be custom designed to fit any size or shape pool precisely, including any special features such as raised walls, diving boards, stairs and rails.

Deck & Coping Options

From a standard brushed concrete deck, to custom hand laid stone deck, your swimming pool decking is an important feature to consider when building a new swimming pool or renovating an existing swimming pool. We offer a wide variety of coping designed to handle any decking option you choose. Speak with your professional Kafko swimming pool builder to discuss the available options.

Pool steps manufactured by Latham Pool Products™ offer the following benefits:

  • Limitless Options
  • Latham manufactures a complete range of pool steps to meet every need and preference: thermoplastic, vinyl over steel, vinyl over polymer, and acrylic/fiberglass, all built with the highest grade materials
  • Unique Designs
  • Nothing can enhance the look and enjoyment of a pool like a spectacular entranceway. Latham offers a wide range of unique designs, including our exclusive Step ‘N Lounge – the first thermoplastic step with built-in spa seating – and our Wedding Cake Step, a fresh style combined with the uninterrupted beauty of the vinyl liner.
  • Built To Last
  • All Latham steps feature best-in-class materials and manufacturing. For example, our thermoplastic steps are built with a strong, one-piece design that will never delaminate, splinter, corrode or puncture . . . and our vinyl over steel steps are made with 14-gauge copper coated with zinc galvanization to prevent corrosion.



  • Bring your pool to life with the soothing sound of falling water. Whether you are building a new pool or updating your backyard, waterfalls are a simple, elegant way to beautify your pool.

Rails & Ladders

  • Getting in and out of a pool has never been so easy. Choose from a variety of rails and ladders or opt for an In-Wall ladder to avoid interference with automatic pool cleaners and covers.

Diving Boards

  • Take the plunge! Enhance your in-ground swimming pool with a quality diving board and enjoy seasons of excitement. Remember safety comes first – be sure to follow proper guidelines for safe diving.

Pool Lighting

  • Underwater pool illumination has a breathtaking effect; an ever-changing waterscape of lights is produced by the shimmering glow, creating dazzling dancing patterns all around your pool.

Filters, Pumps and Heaters….
Pool & Spa Safety Products

  • Awareness and understanding of water safety practices can reduce the risk of serious injury. Following safe water tips are essential for you and your family to have years of enjoying your pool. However, additional safeguards can be put into place to keep your swimming pool and backyard a safe place for the whole family.
  • When it comes to pool safety, multiple layers of protection are crucial. As an additional layer of protection, Hayward® introduces Stratum™ VRS (vacuum release system)—the next level in peace of mind.
  • The Hayward Stratum VRS is the only SVRS to both vent the pump suction line to atmosphere and turn off the power to the pump motor.

Automatic Safety Pool Covers


Everyday protection for your family… at the touch of a button!

Simply flip a switch, and your Coverstar or Pool Cover Specialists automatic safety cover will create a barrier over your pool that no child or pet can penetrate. All automatics covers are custom-built to fit your pool perfectly and manufactured from best-in-class materials.

Latham brand automatic pool covers offer the widest choice of models, options, fabrics and colors in the industry.

Our drive mechanisms are available in either stainless steel or marine-grade aluminum. Each system includes stainless steel hardware. Through the many options available, most pool shapes and sizes can be covered.

Save on heat, water, electricity and chemicals
A Coverstar or Pool Cover Specialists automatic cover can deliver big savings… automatically!

90% reduction in evaporation
70% reduction in pool heating costs
50% reduction in electricy costs
70% reduction in chemical use

Autodrain options available!